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Active Therapy

Active Therapy consists of supervised rehabilitation exercise and stretching and is one of the best methods used to effectively sustain, develop and return maximum movement with increased flexibility. If you have experienced any form of injury then it is important to understand what Active Therapy is and what benefits it provides.

Active Therapy is a form of treatment that involves the patient engaging in physical exercise, and exerting effort to regain movement and range of motion after the result of an injury or illness. It may seem like a workout more than therapy, however, the sense of improvement in your movement and range of motion is astonishing as well as offering evidence-backed improvements in sleep and stress.

As well as the ability to praise yourself for taking an active role in the success of your rehabilitation. The progress that you make and the positive impact this therapy has on your life. Even though Active Physical Therapy can be hard and painful at times. The minor pain will result in long-term relief as you adjust and heal.

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