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Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation Therapy is a form of rehabilitation that focuses on restoring the physical function of your muscles and joints for those who experience pain and stress from motor vehicle accidents, long-term disability, and overuse, among many other forms of injury. At Prime Healthcare our therapists are highly trained medical professionals who have a deep understanding of how the body functions. Demonstrating specialized hands-on clinical techniques we assess, diagnose and treat the conditions patients are experiencing.

There is a wide range of benefits associated with doing Rehabilitation Therapy, which include: alleviating pain, improving joint and muscle mobility, strengthening cardiorespiratory function, and maintaining physical strength. Our goal is to restore and improve your physical function to continue living life to the fullest.

Rehabilitation Therapy uses a wide variety of techniques to help restore normal function. Methods that are used include taping, acupuncture, manual therapy, and cupping, amongst other modalities. At Prime Healthcare our therapists provide our patients with evidence-based treatments in the office or at your home as well as educate our patients, so they feel informed throughout each step of the process.

At Prime Healthcare our Rehabilitation Therapy department makes sure that each patient is given an individualized treatment plan that includes personalized movements, education, and how to prevent further injury from occurring.

Physical Therapy treats a wide variety of conditions:

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Ligament sprains/tears
Back Pain
Muscle strains
Shoulder Impingement
Catastrophic Injuries
Post-surgical rehabilitation

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