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Aqua Massage Therapy

At Prime Healthcare we provide our patients with the option of using our Aqua Therapy machines. At our facility patients can choose from three different types of models. The models are Standard Spa, Aqua Massage XL and Aqua PT.

The Standard Spa model tends to be chosen for the design, style and the power it delivers. The Aqua Massage XL model is considered to be the workhouse of the Aqua Massage product line. The tube is stainless steel, containing 36 water jets and pumps used to provide patients with many more years of relaxation. The Aqua massage PT Pro model is considered to be the medical unit of the Aqua Massage production line. It also has 36 water jets and pumps, which are used to provide patients with many more years of wellness.

There are a wide variety of benefits that include increase range of motion, decrease in inflammation, decrease in muscle tension along with an increase of oxygen absorption all stemming from consistent Aqua Massage Therapy. The Aqua Massages require very little time allowing for the busiest person to fit a massage into their day.

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