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Radial Shockwave Therapy is a type of treatment in which focused radial shockwaves are introduced into the body by an applicator when a projectile is accelerated using compressed air through a tube. These waves cause a localized and regulated inflammatory response by penetrating the tissues with a mechanical force. After the shockwaves cause a local inflammatory response, the body responds by increasing blood flow to the area, repairing the inflammation as well as any previously damaged tissues (i.e. injuries). Shockwave Therapy stimulates angiogenesis, which increases local blood supply. This provides the necessary elements needed to speed up the healing process in the area. The benefits associated with using Shockwave Therapy also include the release of chemicals that prevent pain signals from delivering to the brain (pain reduction) and supplying essential blood flow to stimulate healing and tissue growth. Radial Shockwave therapy is one of the only modalities which has been scientifically shown to allow the body to regenerate damaged ligaments and tendons, as well as break down blood clots and calcifications in muscle and tendons and help heal non-union fractures.

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