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A Neuropsychological Assessment is a type of evaluation that focuses on the patient's cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, memory, and processing speed and is used to understand the brain-behavior relationships – specifically if any brain structures, in particular, have been injured.  At Prime Healthcare your Neuropsychological Assessment will be performed by a licensed psychologist who specializes in neuropsychology.

The information that is gathered by the neuropsychologist is extremely helpful in determining an understanding of how the patient is making sense of things from his or her perspective, how they pay attention, remember, problem solve, learn, write, and much more. The evaluation may vary depending on the factors of the condition. In certain cases, memory, verbal skills, IQ, processing speed, and attention is tested.  These results are then correlated with any additional testing such as MRI, head CT, EEG or SPECT scans.

Once testing is completed, the patient’s scores for various cognitive evaluations will be compared to sample data from other people of similar age and background to determine the specific strengths and weaknesses the patient possesses concerning his/her cognitive abilities. A diagnosis for the disorder as well as explaining consequences and best options will be provided to the patient once the results have been analyzed.

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