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In-Home Therapy

At Prime Healthcare it is extremely important to us to provide our patients who are severely injured with the necessary accessibility options that make the medical process more comfortable for them. In Home treatment is provided in special cases, where a very injured client cannot make it to the clinic due to their injuries. This form of therapy has been very helpful for many patients to reach their specific medical needs.

In-Home Therapy was put in place to help those who have difficulty getting to our locations as a result of their injuries. This is an additional service that we provide to support those who are severely injured. We aim to provide the same level of dedication and professionalism when in the office and your home.

In-Home Therapy allows the patient to be more relaxed knowing they are in the comfort of their own home. We will send a therapist to your home who will provide you with the exact type of treatment that you would receive in the office. We will accommodate patients who require the necessary transportation accommodation to be transferred from the hospital to their home.

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