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Work Conditioning

The Work Conditioning program is a form of treatment which is individualized to meet your specific needs to return you to work after recovering from injury.

This conditioning program aims to decrease risk while maximizing work capability for the patient being served. Our conditioning program is designed to improve the tolerance, endurance and strength relative to the specific tasks in your job. Work Conditioning provides a wide variety of benefits for the patients such as promoting a healthy lifestyle, increased routine when not working and psychological benefits such as improved mood or increased self-esteem.

The duration associated with the Work Conditioning program is based on the initial assessment and dependent on your specific needs, as well as the degree of your injury and factors that may delay your recovery. By understanding your goals, our treatment program aims to break down your work routines and responsibilities into managable tasks from which to improve to the point you may return to your workplace on modified and eventually unrestricted duties and hours.

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