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Psychological Counseling is a type of health service specialty amongst professional Psychologists or Psychotherapists. It focuses on a wide variety of culturally sensitive and informed practices which help patients improve their overall well-being, alleviate and prevent stress and increase their ability to function better in their life. Psychological Counseling puts an emphasis on prevention and education, making sure to address the patient as well as the context in which they are functioning.

At Prime Healthcare our psychologists and psychotherapists possess a deep understanding and capacity, in which we engage in evidence based and culturally informed assessment, training, prevention, and evidence based practices. Psychological Counseling focuses on addressing mental health issues and the various types of challenges the patient experiences following a motor vehicle accident. Psychological Counseling can serve patients of all ages and backgrounds.

Our psychologists and psychotherapists will always provide you with different methods of preparation in order to conquer the stressors you are facing in your day-to-day life. By teaching you various relaxation and coping techniques, they will help you minimize any sort of emotional impact that you are feeling during times you are under stress. By doing this they teach you to deal with and move on from situations that you once thought was impossible to deal with.

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