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PSW Services

At Prime Healthcare we offer the largest class of workers in the home care industry, personal support workers also known as PSWs.  PSWs partake in a wide variety of standardized training programs allowing them to provide assistance and care to patients of all ages. They perform day-to-day tasks and provide personal care, home management activities, hygiene, and restorative activities.

Overall, the goal of a PSW is to provide the highest quality care to the patient and demonstrate that they can provide the care the client was once able to perform by themselves if they were physically able. Providing non-medical activities while aiming to be very supportive. As a PSW it is extremely important for the patient to feel comforted, safe, respected, and having demonstrated sensitivity features. PSWs play a very critical role in the health of the people they are supporting as they provide positive attitudes and abilities that are allowing the patient to stay composed.

Out of all the members on our health team, PSWs spend the most amount of time with the patient. They are the first to be aware of and alert the medical staff if something occurs to a patient's condition/illness. PSWs develop a great understanding of their clients’ needs and insights.

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