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A concussion is a type of injury which occurs after there is a significant impact to the head or elsewhere in the body. They are common during sports of impact such as football or hockey and can occur when there is rapid deceleration or acceleration of the head or body during an activity. When a concussion occurs, there is a disruption in how the neurons originally function in the brain, which results in a biochemical imbalance within the brain cells and decreased blood flow to the brain.

Concussion Therapy consists of a chiropractic adjustment of the patient's spine including his/her upper cervical spine, as well as soft tissue therapy to patient’s cervical spine. After this, our therapists engage in active and resisted range of motion exercises, then Fukada steps, BESS balance protocols, smooth pursuit exercises, Horizontal and Vertical saccade exercises, vestibulo-ocular reflex exercises as well as vestibulomotor exercises.

Our therapists perform ocular focus/convergence training on the Brock string before performing exercises involving movement such as these exercises (eg. Walking forwards/backwards with eyes closed, ball tossing/catching while moving, juggling with bean bags, etc.) Our concussion therapists possess a level 2 certification in Concussion Management from Shift Concussion Management.

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