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Driving Assessment

Driving Assessment And Re-integration

A Driving Assessment is a type of assessment that involves a variety of comprehensive evaluations conducted by a psychologist and a driving instructor. The goal is to assess the patient's overall ability to be alert and drive independently and safely.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car or work-related accident and are experiencing driving or passenger-related anxiety and or fear. We provide patients with driver evaluations and instructions for those who require the necessary help to get back behind the wheel safely.

The Driving Assessment consists of two parts: a multitude of interviews with the psychologist to help their patients gauge their phobia, and a licensed driver instructor assesses the patient's abilities to operate a vehicle. Determining if the patient has the potential to improve from driver training. Upon completion, the patient may be recommended to undergo a Driver's Reintegration Program that will help return the patient to their pre-accident driving activities.

We provide hands-on training combined with various exercises and activities to increase our patient's chances of driving again. We want our patients to overcome their emotional and psychological conditions related to driving and facilitate their return to the driver’s seat.

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