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An Orthopedic Assessment is a specialized assessment by an Orthopedic Surgeon to diagnose any injury or disorder to the skeletal system, and associated muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Assessments related to orthopedic injuries tend to focus on three major factors: swelling, pain, and instability. Orthopedic surgeons need to determine the most appropriate form of treatment for your musculoskeletal injury so that you can have a steady and speedy recovery.  Usually, this does not mean a recommendation for surgery.

There are a wide variety of tests that are performed to gather the necessary information so that the orthopedic surgeon can create a comprehensive treatment plan for you. The assessment includes a medical history, which focuses on you describing any past injuries you had that could be contributing to your pain, and Orthopedic tests which check your range of motion, flexibility, reflexes, and much more.  When there is suspicion of an internal injury imaging such as X-rays or MRI are recommended.  Orthopedic assessment is very helpful when seemingly minor injuries do not heal within the appropriate timeframes and require a closer look to determine whether an injury may be considered more serious.

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